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Contracts and commercial law

Inherently, the basis of the w ork of any business is the conclusion of agreements and contracts, whichensure its successful operation.

It would be wrong to believe that the necessity of legal support of this process appears only in case of problems.

Exactly for the successful work on agreements and contracts, providing profit for your business, you need competent legal support at the stage of pre-contractual work with contractors.

Legally competent draft of contract can help avoid many problems associated with both partners and contractors, as well as tax-related contractual obligations.

As part of the work in this area, LC "Jubicon" provides, inter alia, the following services:

- draft of agreements and contracts;

due diligence of contracts, agreements, contracts, including for compliance with the current legislation and the protection level of the client, as a party to the contract;

- advising on the current legislation in the sphere of legal regulation of contractual relations;

- participation of lawyer in negotiations with the contractors, support the process of harmonization contractors' conditions with parties.   


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