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Grace to professionalism of attor neys and lawyers of the LC "Jubicon", long-term experience and a considerable quantity of diverse law disputes, we have achieved good results in sphere of our clients' interests protection in various degrees of jurisdiction.

The continuous operational experience in courts is the result of high skills of attorneys and lawyers of the company which is supported at due professional level.

Experts of the LC "Jubicon" carry out the detailed and complex analysis of each legal cause with allowance for prospects of its legal proceedings in the subsequent instances. We always provide the client with consultation about possible legal prospects of the dispute and we offer an effective and rational method of the disputable situation solving.

Lawyers of the company also professionally represent creditors or debtors in courts with cases about restoration of solvency or the enterprise bankruptcy.

At the use of our company lawyers there is the unique library which consists of scientific and legal publications, and also the database containing all published judiciary practice on commercial enterprises on various questions. The company books and systematizes own judiciary practice which includes diverse legal causes, including corporate disputes, claim of ownership, disputes on legal relations in payment, land disputes etc.



– Corporative relations

– Corporative management

– Due diligence

– Business establishment

– Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

– orporate restructuring

– Litigation

– Tax consulting

– Real estate, construction and land law

– Securities, equity market

– Contracts and commercial law

– Investment activity

– Medical law

– Law of intellectual property

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