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Medical law

 Medical law is rather young area of law, which is only starting to get its development and, unfortunately, quite poorly regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. But that's what makes this area very important. Lack of proper legal regulation on general legislative level, bring to the forefront necessity of regulation the legal relationship at the level of individual companies relating to medical, pharmaceutical business.

Specialists of the Law Company "Jubicon" have extensive experience of legal support companies in this field.

We can be provided services related to specific issues arising in the activities of medical institutions, namely:

- developing of internal documentation of medical institutions providing regulatory requirements;

- developing of internal documentation of medical institutions, regulatory relationships with patients;

- support of getting the medical practice license;

- support of accreditation of the medical practice ;

- litigation support related to the medical practice;

- support of pre-trial dispute resolution of conflicts related to the medical practice.

In addition, LC "Jubicon" provides full-service support of medical and pharmaceutical companies, covering general issues related to any entity (support of the conclusion of agreements and contracts, employment issues, litigation, tax consulting, workout with creditors  and debtors and so on).


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